5 Valentine Day Apps – Five Mind-Blowing Ideas for An Experience Like Never Before

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With the advancements in the digital world and a massive change in technology, you cannot expect Valentines day 2020 to be the same old fashioned doorstep delivery of gifting. Although receiving a surprise gift at your doorstep is a beautiful experience, you can choose to astonish your loved one in a way that they have never experienced before. Here are the top five valentine day apps that can be considered as your Valentine’s Day gift ideas this time.

Get ready to install these apps and present a beautiful experience to the person who matters the most to you.

1. Surprise Whatsapp Audio Wishes

A birthday doesn’t seem complete without our WhatsApps being flooded with tonnes of wishes from our friends and family. But, it is only that one text from a special person that makes us smile.

You can take it to this valentines day to make the same experience much more magical. We arrange WhatsApp audio wishes at regular intervals from strangers so that your loved one receives the romantic songs sung by strangers as a sudden surprise.

Each audio ends with a special message that is dedicated by you!

2. Open When You Feel – Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Wife

Open When You Feel
Open When You Feel

True love has a lot of fights and makeup but one golden rule for every relationship to make a smooth sail is to understand the reason behind your partner’s mood.

Here is an App that makes a perfect valentine day gift as it helps your love grow stronger. Open when App has the scenarios in particular where your partner should open the app according to what he/she feels.

For example, the App has “Open when you feel hungry” for which some tasty recipes are added, “Open when you feel naughty” for which some naughty deeds are added.

The other ones include – Open when you need some motivation, Open when you miss me, Open when you need a cheer up, Open when you want to sleep, Open when you need some love.

If you wish to take it to this valentine’s day to strengthen your love bond, this App is the one that you need.

3. Spin The Wheel of Fantasies – A Naughty Valentines Day App!

Every love story has two people craving to fulfil their naughty fantasies. Sometimes, you just want to make it a special experience. Here is a wonderful idea to add more fun to your lovemaking.

You just have to install this valentine day app and take turns to spin the wheel of fantasies that get displayed on the screen.

If you feel the need to spice up your love life with a little bit of added romance, the wheel of naughty fantasies is the next app that you should be downloaded from your PlayStore.

4. Jigsaw Puzzle Surprise

Jigsaw Puzzle Surprise
Jigsaw Puzzle Surprise

If your partner has got smart brains and solving puzzles is his/her cup of tea, this puzzle, followed by a surprise is something that will keep you hooked up with your partner this Valentine’s day.

The surprise includes “a sudden surprise trip to Goa” at the end of the solved puzzle for which you can make some arrangements (booking tickets and stays) a week prior before you ask the love of your life to solve the jigsaw puzzle.

This one is sure to leave an expression of “Awww” on your dear one’s face.

5. An App To Propose Your Love Uniquely!

5 Valentine Day Apps
5 Valentine Day Apps

Sometimes, it is only one special person in your life who knows everything about you. About your strengths and weaknesses, your ups and downs, your likes and dislikes, your tastes and preferences.

We love answering random questions, especially – the personal questions about our favourite person!

This App lets you answer the questions and finally displays a scratch card on the mobile screen which reveals the three magical letters that you have been dying to say to that one person from a very long time!

If your story has reached a stage where you know that he/she is the right person for you, but are yet to reveal the same despite your long phone conversation and cute texts, this love proposal app is the one that is going to sow the seeds of your love story this Valentine’s day.

Now that you have the best list of valentine day apps with you, get ready to fall in love with your special someone all over again!

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