4 Tips for Dating a Local While Travelling Abroad

Picture this, you are in Paris having a good coffee with your girlfriend at a nice little cafe with the right view of the Eiffel Tower.

4 Tips For Dating A Local While Travelling Abroad
4 Tips For Dating A Local While Travelling Abroad

You then look over and your eyes catch the smile of the cutest Parisian man, and his eyes gazing right at you. You return his gaze shyly and he takes that as a sign to come over and introduce himself. After a little flirtatious conversation, he decides to invite you for a dinner night out before leaving. Soon, you are hearing wedding bells and having visions of you spending your life with him.

Dating abroad can be an adventurous or fresh experience, but one which can transform your life for the better. However, with every risk and future rewards, comes certain things you must consider to make sure while you are wearing your heart on a sleeve, your head is also with you. This big deviation from your comfort zone requires certain tools to keep you on the right track. Below are some tips for dating a local while travelling abroad:

1. Don’t be scared to meet someone.

Residing in a foreign country is overwhelming, however, the joy of travelling is usually found in the locals we come across. Do not be scared to go out and meet someone new, even if you won’t be staying in the place for a long time. A day or two can eventually turn into a lifetime! To make things easier for you, you can use sites like Bumble or Tinder to meet a prospective local, or someone you think may be perfect for a relationship before you even arrive.

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Also, you can meet people at places like cafes, where the locals always hang out. In cities such as Paris, there are almost in every district. The train can be a miss or hit, but it is the perfect place to spark interest in a local. The beach is also an amazing place to meet someone new, the added advantage in this scenario is the better visuals! I have met several people who are always asking the “Can you take my photo?” question. Locals are always very excited whenever they meet someone from abroad.

2. Ensure you do not get lost in the sauce.

I understand, he is from Paris and he is good at speaking French, or she is from Barbados and the way she talks drives you crazy! However, it is relevant you do not get too nervous. Most times a local can sense naivety, and might want to take advantage of that. Ensure you stay observant and cautious. After all, these people are just like you. They feel emotional the same way you do. If you want to be successful in dating a local, it is advisable you treat him/her as a person and not as a possession. Don’t get fooled by their accent, it doesn’t change who they really are.

3. Learn the culture

Now that you have exchanged phone numbers in order to talk internationally without necessarily running a home check, do not forget to make out time and learn the culture of the local you are aspiring to date. Cultural differences and language barriers can make a big impact on local dating. Google is a good place to start, take some time to talk with him/her or get books that can give you an insight on how the local operates in his/her comfort zone

4. Don’t be scared to have a little fun.

Try being adventurous, visit each other as often as possible. Sending photos and writing letters is also a fun way to know each other better.

5. Conclusion

Local dating can be the best dating experience of your life if the right things are put in place. Do not believe dating a local is always temporary. This belief has made so many people see local dating as something that shouldn’t be given the most priority. In contrast, local dating can actually lead to a lifetime relationship, if you remain open to the possibilities and put in your best in making sure things work out.




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