3rd Monthsary Message for Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

3rd monthsary message for boyfriend and girlfriend.

For one to actually reach the level of 3 months in a relationship is a great work and you should make sure you appreciate the person for enduring or enjoying the relationship till that extent. Love is a beautiful thing but you must never forget to appreciate your partner for loving you that much.

Use the following 3rd month anniversary messages to attract your partner towards your direction always for the rest of your lives.

3rd Monthsary Message For Boyfriend And Girlfriend
3rd Monthsary Message For Boyfriend And Girlfriend

1. The last thing I remembered today is that I know that I am not the best woman you have ever gotten, your previous women were more beautiful than I am yet you loved me unconditionally within these 3 months. Happy 3rd month anniversary.

2. Dating you is like a journey. I know that I will arrive my destination safely without any problem or distraction. Thanks for your cooperation. Happy anniversary my dear.

3. This wouldn’t have been possible without you. You have been there all the way. Every time I needed you, you always avail yourself for me. Having you is entirely great.

4. I funnily met you though I never thought you and I could work out until I saw a month passing and then the second month following it and now this month. Baby I am sure that I am in love with you.

5. There is always a meaning attached to every “3/3rd” I think that the meaning attached to this month of our relationship is love, peace and joy.

6. You are so amazing that I know that we can work together we can achieve so much. Meeting you has made me complete that I know that with you in my life, I am completed.

7. I am pretty sure that when I take you to my mother for introduction, she would be happy to receive you. You have given me every reason to make you my wife and I know that with you as my wife then every other thing is complete.

8. I have every reason to be happy as your woman. Within the last 3 months, I have done nothing than to smile and be happy. Even my friends kept asking me where I got you from so that they can also look for their partner there.

9. I have nothing to say to you than to say thank you for your love towards me and my entire being. Even though I have been so annoying, you took no pleasure in hating me for that.

10. I was completely useless before I found you but finding you made me useful to myself and the people around me. Baby I owe you my life and love and I hope that it is enough to appreciate you with them.

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11. You are the utmost beauty in me that people see because you are the reason why I am beautiful. I wish that my beauty will keep shinning so bright that will make people to believe that I have you.

12. I never believed that a man could make me find my true happiness again until I met you. Your ability to do that baffles me a lot. Happy 3rd month anniversary.

13. If I could choose between killing myself for you and allowing you to die. I would choose my death over your death cos I don’t want to ever loose you.

14. Those who left me and abandoned me did a great good for me because they left for you to come in and take your place in my life. You are the best thing that has happened to me.

15. I rather remain blind than to see another man take you away from me cos I would be so disappointed in myself. Your stay with me is what makes me a complete being.

16. Nothing will ever make me happier than to see myself in your house as your wife and the mother of the home. You are my one in a million dear and I wish you could consider me to be your wife someday.

17. How my previous relationship ended is no longer of concern to me because you beat her 100% and I know that you are far better than her. You are the best partner ever.

18. If you follow me to see my home then I promise to keep you with all of me. I will do anything you require of me. My only request is for you to allow me to love you unconditionally.

19. The seal that binds us together is completely the reason why I cannot even think about cheating on someone like you. You have given me all that I desire. Happy 3rd month anniversary.

20. By God grace bestowed on me, I will never hurt you. What will I even gain by hurting you? I would be completely foolish to offend or hurt. You are my king forever.

21. If you permit me, I will would love to worship you so that no one will look down on you. You are the king of my heart that no one would ever get out there so I am lucky to have you.

22. I want to show the world that I am still alive because they believed that I am now dead as a result of what I suffered from my past relationships. You saved me. Thanks a lot dear.

23. It’s exactly 90 days today that I met you. I want to be called a free man that was why I approached. 90 days ago, I became a free man because you freed me from everything that has been keeping me captive.

24. From the day I met you, I knew that you would be the man I have ever needed. From the moment you called me “baby”, the power of my love for you increased.

25. You have been everything I have ever needed in my life. Because of you, my life completed. May our love last forever cos I really wish that you could make me your wife.

26. Nothing will ever come between us and only God knows exactly how I feel for you. I want to assure you that for the rest of my life, I would always love you and to make everything right between us today, I dare to say marry me.

27. Just like magic, you have turned my life around. I don’t know how exactly you did that to me, but I want you to know that I will forever need you to be my wife.

28. So many things were missing in my life until you showed up and made me to recover all the valuable things I had lost. You will always remain in my heart.

29. You will always be my baby no matter what happens. Leaving you will never be in my agenda cos I don’t want to loose my most valuable asset. I love you dearly.

30. If you had escaped me, I would have gone mad cos loosing someone like you is no different from becoming mad. I really want to be like this with you forever.

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31. There is no need to live me now because I feel that our relationship is meant to be so don’t go anywhere. Please ride with me to my future cos I really want you to be my wife.

32. I really want to get to our future on time cos I don’t want to loose you. Your presence in my life has changed my life completely. I wish that you would make me your wife soon.

33. So many eyes are looking at us today because we have succeeded in making our relationship so attractive. I feel as if you are the woman meant for me. I am lucky to have you.

34. Once I get money, I will just marry you cos you are exactly what I want to be with for the rest of my life. Your presence in my life has made people to be jealous of us. Happy anniversary.

35. Sweet prince, you know that I am so in you cos I can never live you. What we have is so realistic. Even if you don’t have money, I want to be ever yours.

36. I want you to be my baby’s mother cos you love me when everybody hates me, you felt me when every other person lost interest in me. You are simply the best woman for me.

37. If I had everything I ever wanted, you know that I would take you round the world and buy you everything you ever wanted. You are so clever to love me even though I have little cos I will love and respect you.

38. I will stay with you if you stay with me cos our relationship would work with our togetherness. Even if you try to live me, I will follow you to the end of the world.

39. I want to assure you that you have me now and always, I don’t care if you have money or not so long as you would take care of me rightly. Let’s take it easy dear.

40. You have always said that I am your queen, I want you to also know that you are my king because you are the only one I see in and around me and I desire to be yours forever.

41. I was a weakling before you came to me. I would always want you no matter what. I want to take this next level if only you will permit me to do so.

42. I didn’t want to start all over again but when I met you, I thought that walking away from you would be very unfair to myself cos you are the only person that would make me complete.

43. You never let me burn alone or even fought my battles alone. All I wanted was to have a man that will fight for me and you presented yourself as a sacrifice for my happiness. Happy 3rd month anniversary.

44. I came into your life like a thief and I didn’t apologized for that. I want you to know that there is something about you that I cannot explain but I really know that make the thief of your heart happy.

45. You are the kind of woman I want cos you make me so proud of you and I am so sure that if I let you go, I would be loosing the best woman on earth.

46. Meeting you has been the only thing I desire to do for a longer time and I am glad that it finally happened. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to love you unconditionally.

47. Today is like a judgement day, cos we have to tell ourselves how we have been for 3 months now. I am so proud to announce to you that you have been exactly what I wanted.

48. Sometimes things gets bad and yet you never thought of living me and even if you did, you never made such move and even if you made the move, you couldn’t live me cos you love me.

49. The memories I have about you keeps me stronger for you to wait for you to return to me. Never should you ever think that I could cheat on you because I know that your memories will be there to remind me to stop.

50. I cannot put a hold to our relationship cos if I do, I would be cheating myself cos nobody would love me the way you do. Baby, I love you too and I hope you know it. Happy anniversary dear.

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51. I am so familiar with you that even if I live you, I would always find my way back to your arms again. I can do anything for you to make you happier if it warrants me to.

52. I had always wanted things to work my way not minding if others get hurt after achieving it. My man (you) came to me and things changed and I am so happy of the person I am today because of you.

53. I think that I am very wise to have chosen you to be my man. You are handsome, good looking, loving and caring. You satisfy me and these are all I need in my man.

54. I have been trying to take things slower but I feel that if I do that then I am slowing down my progress. Your coming to my life has actually made me to progress and prosper.

55. Sweetie, I want you to be aware that no one would ever take your place in my life. I am really feeling that you are the woman of my dreams and I know that my feelings are right.

56. I have become like a celebrity on earth cos you made me popular. All these things that happened to me only happened because you came into my life. Thanks for coming into my life.

57. I will reach wherever you are cos I know that my feelings will locate where you are. I really never want to stop seeing you. I will be addicted to suffering if you live me.

58. I am holding on for your sake and I am not holding anything against you because if I do, then I would be dragging our relationship backwards. I love you dearly.

59. I want to keep seeing you during the day and even at night cos seeing you has been the water I drink and the food I eat. You will always remain the best woman in my life.

60. If only you could see and hear my heart you would know that I cannot loose a king like you. Your woman will not survive it if you live me.

61. Each time I walk along our street, I feel that my life was given to me because you asked God for it. You refused that you live without me and I promise never to live you.

62. Even if you live me, your memory will live on in my heart, so don’t even think about living me cos if you do, I would follow you. You are my world so don’t ever live me.

63. You made me happy and when I try to remind myself about you, it makes me feel complete. What would I ever do without you my king? Your presence in my life makes me live all my worries behind.

64. If selling my assets would keep you for me forever, I would sell it including my bad attitudes. Baby, living without you is like a punishment. I will love you till the end and that’s a promise.

65. I will guide you from the eyes of the whole world, lets live like two love birds. I promise you never to cheat on you cos you are the queen of my heart now and always.

66. We got just little, yet you love me even with my little assets. I am so proud to introduce myself to people as your man. Baby, I love you truly and that will never change.

67. I promise you that I will never allow you to loose me. Shadows of lies in our relationship is not allowed cos I want you to always remember that you made me who I am today.

68. I never realized how happy you made me until today. I am standing to appreciate God for sending a man like you to me. He did a greater work to convince you to love me. Happy anniversary sweetie.

69. I have always looked at the window with tears dropping down my eyes because of what I have passed through. Thanks for turning my life around with your presence.

70. When you came to me and kissed me the first day, I felt as if I was in heaven. Every odd thing in my life has disappeared cos they cannot stand an angel like you in my life.

71. I am so sure that my tears must be the reason why you came my way. I know that you felt my feelings from a distance and you came to rescue me from all my pain, sorrows and worries.

72. I cannot say a lot to prove to you that I finally made it right by approaching you. If you had not accepted me, I would have been doomed. Thanks for loving me this much. Happy anniversary dear.

73. It is so amazing having you in my life and I am very lucky to be called your woman because I know that only few women have this same opportunity I have gotten freely.

74. Peace, love, happiness and joy are the virtues I have now because you came into my life along with them. I love you so much and I mean it today more than always.

75. Could you believe what has happened to me recently? I will tell you in details my dear. The truth is that I met an amazing woman man exactly 3 months today and he has been in love with me ever since.

76. What could have been better than falling in love with the same person who is in love with you? How lucky I am to fall in love rightly. Happy 3rd month anniversary.

77. I hope that someday, I would be able to make you happier than today because if I do, then I have fulfilled my promise of 3 months ago.

78. I have something to say to you and I wish that you would believe me when I say it. Baby I love you so much and nothing can change it.

79. Destiny has merged us and I am so happy that God made our destinies to be the same. How lucky I am to have a destiny mate like you.

80. I dwell sorely on your love because I know that it is the stronghold that can ever keep me stronger than I expected. You are my stronghold.

81. I used to be like chameleon, changing girls like never before but when you came in to my life, I tried to do it with you but I couldn’t because I fell in love with you instead.

82. It wouldn’t have worked out well and smooth for me if you did not cross my path. Your whole self has become mine and I am so proud of that.

83. Do you know how many times I have tried to have you as my woman? I kept trying and coming to you in different nature and you kept turning me down. When I decided to come in my real nature, you accepted me. Happy 3rd month anniversary.

84. I couldn’t fall in love with you when we initially met but I gradually did because you made me do it even unconsciously with your good attitudes. You are a wife material.

85. I am disappointed in myself today because I didn’t come to you 2 years, 9 months ago. I would have been celebrating 3 years anniversary today as my wife.

86. I wish that I can be as rich as the richest man on earth so that I can give you what others cannot offer you. I am very excited to have you dear.

87. I didn’t know that I was making mistakes by loving wrong women until I met you and changed my whole story. Happy anniversary sweetheart.

88. You are my darling, sweetheart, heat beat, king because you reign in my life now and always. No one will or can ever take your place in my life.

89. Do you know that you have made me speechless today? I thought we would never make it together but today we have reached our 3rd month anniversary with your cooperation.

90. Speechless, that’s how you make me feel, when I am with you, I am loss of worlds as if this is not happening for real. Happy 3rd month anniversary.

91. Your presence in my life has entirely made me feel that we could make it with our kids at home so I ask you today my princess, “Will you do me the honor of becoming the mother of my kids?”

92. I hope that I could cover up for all you have done for me. Knowing you has turned out to be a blessing to me and my entire generation. Happy 3rd month anniversary dear.

93. I will not allow another woman to take you away from me cos if I do, I would become a fool for allowing you to slip off my hand.

94. I hope that my coming into your life was not a mistake cos your coming into my life was not a mistake. Happy anniversary to my queen.

95. Actually, I have a confession to make, truly, you have been the only reason why I am happier now. Happy 3rd month anniversary to my king.

96. Check me out my prince, have you noticed that am happier now than the way I was before now? My dear boyfriend, you are the secret behind my looks.

97. Staying alive today was entirely because of you. I am so sure that your presence in my life keeps me stronger and healthier. I love you greatly.

98. Would you mind if I ask you a question that might blow off your mind? Baby please tell me, would you do me the honor of becoming the mother of my kids?

99. Look at me today, what do you see or hear around me? I can see happiness, joy and so much more around me because you have my back all the way. Happy 3rd month anniversary.

100. Do you realize that you are the reason why I smile and become happy? I have realized that if you live me, I would die. Happy anniversary to my heartbeat.

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101. To tell you the truth my dear, your appearance is really cool but it was not the reason why I accepted you. I accepted you because of your sincerity and truthfulness.

102. I am so glad that our 3rd month anniversary fall today. Today may not be special to you, but it is to me because exactly 3 months ago, I met the most amazing man on earth and that man became my boyfriend today. I wish that he becomes my husband soon.

103. I have been searching for a diamond in a pile of gold, my search was over when I met you. You are my diamond and nothing can change that.

104. When I kissed you, I feel as if I am on top of the world because kissing you is like getting a big full of gold. I am happy that you
are part of me.

105. I am so sucked in love with you and I don’t intend to get dried cos I am interested in loving you till eternity.

106. I have faith in what I see in you. Though I don’t deserve you cos you are completely perfect for me. Happy 3rd month anniversary.

107. I want to announce to you that nothing will ever take you away from me. I am ever ready to fight to get you for myself forever.

108. I have broken different hearts by breaking my promises but I promise never to break your heart or break my promise to you because I love you.

109. It might look crazy that I have been telling my friends about you but it is not my fault that you kept making me happy and happier every day.

110. Some people tried to bring me down because they want to have the opportunity I have (in love with you). Stay with me forever.

111. Princess, I want to ask you these questions “would you stay by my side or would you still keep loving me if I am not there with you”.

112. I have a plan my dearest and I wish that you would ride with me in achieving the fact that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

113. Sometimes People don’t realize how happy they are until the person making them happy is no longer there. Don’t blame me for not noticing you on time.

114. You have always taught me the easiest way to let things go off your mind and you have told that it is done by letting things that make me sad go. Thanks a lot love.

115. The way you stood by me in times of challenges and problem made me so sure that you are capable of taking care of my home. I love dearly.

116. I want to travel with just two things in my bag or even with me and they include: you and smile cos I know that if I drop smile then I am not ready to carry you along.

117. I want to specially thank you for all you have done for me within these three months of relationship. You have been so amazing my king.

118. I wish that you will come to realize how blessed I am to have you in my life. Virtually everything around me has an opportunity to change for better.

119. The more I realize that you are the reason for my success, the happier I become and I feel as if I want you to be my wife.

120. The best a man could ever give his woman are his time, attention and his love. You have given me that much, what else do I want?

121. You have taught me to stop thinking about my limitations and begin to believe in possibilities. I believe and now I am succeeding all round.

122. The truth is that I love you so much and I will never allow anything to take you away from me, not even lack of time and distance cos I enjoy loving you.

123. I will always say I love you when I feel it, never mind if it too much because I actually meant each one I say. I may not have another opportunity to say it again.

124. The joy I enjoy from you is not quantifiable, the happiness you brought to my life is immeasurable and I am happier because all these is coming from you.

125. It’s so amazing that ordinary pictures will bring back so many memories. I am glad that we had our first picture on the first day we met. You remind me of the girl I fell in love with.

126. I want to be the last number you talk to when you want to go to bed and the first number you dial when you wake up from sleep. Happy third month anniversary.

127. I wish I have a way to delete all the memories and feelings I had before I met you, I would have been so happy cos I felt bad. I am so sure that you will make me forget them one after the other.

128. As long as I have you my heartbeat, I am so sure that I will have everything that will ever keep me so happy than I expected.

129. It is so amazing how just a word from the right and important person will just make you feel better and then smile and even laugh. Thanks a lot for loving me this much my heartbeat.

130. All the lives we live are all experiments. The more you live them the more you make more experiments. I enjoy the experiments with you my darling.

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131. I don’t want to ever remain young because if I remain young, baby I know that I won’t ever achieve that dream I had to grow old with you darling.

132. The experience of growing old with your partner, is so extraordinary they say, baby I truly want to grow old with you with the feeling that you made my home a lot better.

133. I don’t us to ever hurt each other because if we eventually do so, we may find it difficult to rebuild our trust for each other even after forgiving each other. Happy 3rd month anniversary.

134. I don’t how much longer I need to wait for you to come and ask for my hand in marriage, all I know is that you have done the necessary arrangements and I am ready for it.

135. The truth is that you deserve everything from me because you never request for anything from me. Happy anniversary to the queen of my heart.

136. I want to thank God specially today because He has given me what no man can give me. He has given me the gift of a wonderful husband in my boyfriend.

137. It is better to be alone than to have someone that makes you feel alone. I have never for a day felt alone in your presence before. What a loving man you are.

138. The promises people in my past made to me are all broken and their memories are no more. But you have never broken any of your promises before and that is a sign of a responsible man.

139. The most beautiful thing I have ever seen is to see you happy and with a smile on your face knowing fully well that I am the one behind that smile and happiness.

140. I think it is so amazing to find out that someone is out there making efforts to make you smile. You never stopped to make me smile every day of my life. You are so amazing.

141. I have leant to live every day of my life as if it were my last and I have been enjoying that a lot because you have made me feel as if I am in heaven already.

142. I may not have been good all this while and I might have been provoking you and you took no notice at all. From now onwards, I will love you and only you my queen.

143. I promise that nobody will ever come in between my love for you. Even God himself is my witness, and I will love you and nobody else but only you.

144. Actually people only realize how good one is when they actually loose it. My baby, I promise never to allow myself realize how amazing you are at the late hour.

145. I want you to always remember how important you are to me and you can never be replaced by anyone. You have been my world and I love you the way you are.

146. So many people surprised me by dumping me in the refuge but I have been here for three months now and you have never thought of living me. What a partner you are my king. Happy anniversary to my king.

147. God has never made mistakes before He created us. I am so sure that He brought us together to love ourselves till the end and get married when the time comes.

148. I promise never to delay when the time comes to marry you. Whatever will stand on my way will never work because I will definitely marry you and make you my wife.

149. Without love we will feel nothing. I am so happy that there is something like love in our hearts today because it is responsible for keeping us together.

150. Sometimes I wonder if there is someone out there who would have the same behaviour as I have and I am so lucky to meet you because you are exactly what I ever wanted.

151. I have not been perfect I know but you know that it is because nobody is created perfect. I will try my best to love you and care about you in the best way I can cos I admire you a lot more than you can ever imagine.

152. No matter how worthless you can think you are as a human, I will never stop loving you because it is your worthless nature that attracted me to you.

153. I have never thought of becoming your wife before today but right now dear sweetheart, I feel as if I can become your wife today because I want to be the mother of your kids.

154. I am so sure that so many girls are planning to push me away and take my place in your heart but I know that they can’t because I am already stagnant in love with you.

155. The pretty words from my mouth are not always true but the true words from my mouth are real. All the words I used for you my queen are actually true which means that they are all real.

156. I never chose to be with you, I only asked to be with you and you appeared to my life. Thanks for accepting to be my life partner after God asked you to locate me my king.

157. I had problems, issues and challenges but I have never allowed myself to give up on anything because I had the intention of becoming the father of our children.

158. I didn’t have the interest in you before and I actually don’t know what really happened to me that I started falling in love with you but I must confess that I enjoy the love we share.

159. I never knew that someone like you will ever fall in love with me in a special way. You are too important to become my boyfriend and I am happy that you spent 3 months in sharing your importance with me.

160. I used to think that I could maneuver my ways to have any type of girl I want to have until you came across my way and made me your taste.

161. Who could ever leave a beautiful girl like you and get another? If there is anyone like that then it means that the person has been a fool for a long time.

162. It’s been three months now since we decided to start this journey together. I must confess that I am ready to take another 3 months with you to make you my wife.

163. We have been circled and surrounded by love itself. The love we share is so extraordinary that I kept thinking and asking myself how I found a kind heart like you.

164. It seems as if I am going crazy now but I don’t think that I have problem with that because I know that my madness is all because of you.

165. Today I say no to anything that brings problems between us. I don’t ever want us to tie apart cos I am happier than the way I used to be.

166. If you are lonely because I am not around, just look at my picture and smile and be sure that we are still in love even on our 3rd month anniversary.

167. The world belief that I have found the man that will keep me ever happy. Who am I to stop believing in that? The truth is that, you are my happiness.

168. The truth has come out today being our 3rd month anniversary because we are seriously in love with each other. I feel already in love with you.

169. I want to forget all the past experiences I had with all those that offended me and your coming into my life has made me to forget about my past.

170. I need you to spend the rest of my life with you because I know that having you in my life is the best that has ever happened to me.

171. I had wanted to ask you these few questions some time ago but I thought I should keep it till today. Would you be mine forever?

172. I was going down before today but then meeting was my life’s turn around and I am happy for that.

173. I used to enjoy each time I see, you in the kitchen helping me out with the cooking and chores. It makes me know that you will make a good husband.

174. I hope I have been able to make you happy from the beginning of this relationship cos I intended to make you happier every day of our lives.

175. It’s really obvious now that I am really crazy about you and it is all because of the way you shower love on me. What a wonderful man you are.

176. Mistake has always been a single page of life but I know that doing the right thing brings happiness and peace of mind. You are the right thing I have done.

177. I know the reason why I enjoy this peace of mind. It is because someone like you gave me that peace and tranquility I ever needed.

178. There are four letters that can never be hidden when it is been felt and they are LOVE. I love you and I feel loved.

179. The past can actually hurt one’s feelings but the way I feel it right now is that, you can never hurt a fly talk more of me.

180. I miss our chats, smiles, and joyful moments together because you are not around me but I can assure you that you are still on my mind on this day and always.

181. I don’t ever want you to see as if we are not meant for each other because if you do, you will allow doubt to come into our relationship and I don’t want that to happen.

182. The truth is that having someone fall in love with you is the most amazing thing that could ever happen to anyone. I am lucky cos you love me so much.

183. I don’t want to ever look back because I don’t think there was anyone in my past that is as handsome as you are.

184. If just a smile on your face can keep me happy then just imagine how happy you can make me with so much laughter on your face.

185. I actually thought that I am in another universe cos I never thought that this universe could actually provide me with the best man like you. You are so amazing.

186. You have been so amazing, you remained so amazing because you have been loving me in an amazing manner and I love you in an amazing manner too.

187. I really thought I will never get a man like you until I felt your presence and I knew that everything has been completed.

188. We argued and fought severally that I thought we should separate but when the time came for me to, I realized I don’t want to separate from my fighting mate.

189. I value you more than my friends and I know that I am not making any mistake because you have showed me love more than anyone.

190. With head held high and smile on my face I want to announce to you that I am ready and I willing to become your wife and the mother of your kids.

191. No man actually succeed without a good woman beside him. This means that my success happened because of you.

192. I think that I have found a wife, friend, best friend, best woman and the mother in you. You are all that I desire in life.

193. I had been trying to perfect myself for those men I came acrossed but when I met you, you said that you don’t want perfection but my love and I respect you for that.

194. Even if I fail to tell you happy anniversary today, it is because I have you and I don’t want to ever say goodbye to you no matter what happens.

195. I will never loose hope in you because I know that even if I don’t have anything today, you would love and cherish me till the end.

196. The best thing that ever happened to me is the fact that I have gotten you to be my woman and that is what many men would love to have as well.

197. You may not know how much you have made me the happiest woman on earth but my friends can tell you because I talk about you all the time.

198. So many people think that I am going crazy but I don’t mind cos I know that the solution has always been you my darling.

199. I wish I had come for you earlier, I know that I would enjoy more than this. I regret my wastage of time to come for you but I am glad that I have you anyway.

200. I didn’t know that I am crazy until I got to the hospital. The good part of the story is that the doctor said that you are the medicine to my madness.


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