2nd Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband & Wife.

2nd Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband & Wife.

if you have reached the 2nd year of your relationship then you have automatically known yourselves for life. 2nd wedding anniversary will teach you what you have not learnt from your previous year.

these are wonderful 2nd wedding anniversary wishes for husband and wife.

2nd Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband And Wife
2nd Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband And Wife

1. Every morning reminds me of all the wrong dreams I had been chasing all my life until I met you. You are the right one for me. Happy anniversary honey.

2. The day I proposed to you is the day my life changes, that day you brought happiness in to my life and make me a better person and that day is here again. Happy 2nd year anniversary.

3. My love for you will never change not even as the day gone by or the month and the year, my love for you will never die, and I will always love you.

4. In my next life, I will make sure I find you on time so I could love you longer and be the first man in your life. Happy 2nd year anniversary.

5. I could remember the first look in your eyes when I firstly propose to you, I can remember that moment. It was so precious to me and that precious moment is here again. Happy 2nd year anniversary the queen of my heart.

6. I want you to always have it in mind that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me am not saying it as a habit. I just want you to know that am glad that you are in my life.

7. Nothing give me more joy knowing that you will be in all my tomorrows, make me the happiest man on earth. Happy 2nd year anniversary.

8. Am so happy that we met. My life is now filled with so much happiness, joy and peace, how much better can it get. Happy anniversary.

9. It was very clear from the beginning that we are meant to be with each other and I am glad that I saw it quickly. I love you so much.

10. Even though no one told me that you are the one meant for me, I knew from the onset that you are the woman of man dreams. I love you dearly.

11. As each day passes, my love for you grows without control and I love that cos I love you. I am wishing you a very Happy Anniversary darling.

12. No one else would understand our relationship because there were not there when we started happy anniversary dearest.

13. No one else in this world would understand me aside from you, the way you act and understand me baffles me a lot. Happy Anniversary.

14. You have made me a better person by loving me for who I am. Thank you for being there for me always and everywhere. Happy anniversary darling.

15. To my dear wife and the queen of my heart, I want to assure you that from this day forward, I will love you till I die. I love you.

16. The moment I married you, love and happiness abound, and they surround me cos you have always been there for me.

17. I am thankful for all the happiness you give me and that came along with you to my house. I love you greatly darling. Happy Anniversary.

18. Do you that we have changed over the years, but the sparkle in your eyes is as bright as ever, and my love for you is even stronger and nothing can change that.

19. I am aware that another year to create precious memories together, the precious we had is not as good as this but know you will not change at all.

20. Another year to discover new things and to enjoy each other has come our way. We must be happy and rejoice in it. Happy anniversary dear.

2nd amazing wedding anniversary wishes.

21. We must know that this is another year of our anniversary to strengthen a marriage that defines forever. Happy Anniversary.

22. Every love story is beautiful, but our story will live on and even be told to another generation because we were the best couple ever. I love you.

23. The fact is that you don’t need to be with someone who makes you happy, you just need to be someone who makes another person happy.

24. You know that my friends make me happy. But you make me happier and I know that with time you will make me the happiest.

25. My friends know just how to calm any problem down but they don’t know how to make me smile. You alone know all those techniques.

26. I have always known that the best way to remain happy forever is doing things that please you. Loving you pleases me a lot.

27. Being happy is what happen to me ever since I met you. It is my decision to love you any how I want to. Happy anniversary my lady.

28. I am okay with your decisions, morals, actions towards others, because you are a perfect being in my life. I love you so much.

29. The type of relationship that is between us is just one in a million and that is because you are my one in a million. Happy anniversary my lady.

30. If you are not happy while single, I am here to make you happy and I am glad that you accepted to be my partner 2 years ago.

31. I want to be the one that will touch your heart, not your body because making you smile is all I need and I don’t want to see you shed tears.

32. Our love has grown over time and I am lucky that you were there for me all these time. I treasure you a lot my darling.

33. When I think of our life together over the years, all the special times and treasured memories, I realized that I should have started with you long before now.

34. Now I know that I am so lucky to have you as my wife. You bring me joy always in a way that no one has ever done for me. Happy Anniversary.

35. I will always remember the day I married you because I knew from that day that you are the reason for my existence. I love you.

36. Without you my love, my beauty will fade and people will begin to notice your absence and I really don’t want that to happen any time soon.

37. I don’t know what I would have done without you in my life. You are loving and thoughtful and I regret wasting time to come for you before now.

38. Just to mention little you have done for me dear, you are so amazing and I adore your sweet smile. It makes me want you more and more. Happy Anniversary.

39. You are my love, my life, my heart and I will not allow anyone to occupy that position except you. Happy anniversary dear.

40. All the virtues of a good woman can be found in you and they all belong to you because you deserve them all. Happy Anniversary dearest.

2nd sweet wedding anniversary wishes for him and her

41. We have got to convince our minds that if we want to live happy lives, we will it, I want you to know that our love is more important than anything else.

42. I wish that God always keeps blessing you and fill your life with never-ending happiness. This is because when God blesses you he blesses me too. I love my husband.

43. I never want to see you sad. I love you so much and I can do whatever it takes to make you happy. I love you and happy anniversary to you my darling.

44. Don’t just exist from my life cos if you do then I am a complete empty being. In you baby, I see the greatness of our future together.

45. Being happy in life with you is the simplest thing that I want to do. I want to also focus on you cos it keeps making me happy.

46. I always want to tell you that I love what you do and do what you love most cos I know that loving me is what you love most. I love you too darling.

47. Hopefully, someday you will find what you are looking for. For me I have found you and I am grateful to God. Happy anniversary dear.

48. The one who will treat you right and love you more is whom I want to be and I wish that I have been able to do that for you ever since we met.

49. Someday you will see the way I love you and if you see it, I hope that you will not be so amazed. Happy anniversary my dear.

50. If this is destiny then I am rest assured that I am destined to be with you forever. I will love you till eternity n matter what happens.

51. I want to see how our future in ten years’ time would be cos I want to see how this our baby will become 9 before us. Happy anniversary dear.

52. Whenever the time to have babies comes, I hope to see you happier than you use to be cos I know you love them so much.

53. I can tell you what love means for me. Love is knowing all about someone, and still wanting to be with them more than any other person. I love you baby.

54. Love is trusting your partner enough to tell them everything about yourself. Baby, I trust you to say I love you so much dear.

55. Love only comes in when you tell your partner things about yourself including the things you might be ashamed of. Happy anniversary sweetness.

56. The love I have for you is feeling comfortable and safe with someone like you because you make me comfortable at your side all the time.

57. I am ashamed to show you too much love because you might not be able to take and because the love I have for you doesn’t exist in this planet.

58. I am still getting weak knees when I need to walk into our room and frown at you because it will never do me any good. I love you so much.

59. One of the happiest things on earth is when you know you are in love with someone who loves you more or when you are in love with the right person. I am lucky to be one.

60. I wasn’t moving forward because I was not happy until you came to my life and changed everything for me. I love you for helping me to move forward by making me happy.

adorable wedding wishes for him and her.

61. Laugh when you have what keeps you happy, I am happy because I have what keeps me happy and that person is you my darling.

62. I have known smile ever since I met you and that is what I like doing most. You have made me happier than I ever imagined. I love you so much.

63. Just when I thought I had nothing, you came into my life and gave me someone by offering me your love. I love you so much.

64. I have one important person in my life and I am happy to announce to you that person is you. Happy anniversary dearest husband.

65. The way we talk and play when you get annoyed makes me feel as if I have the most amazing partner in the world. I love my boo.

66. I love and adore a king like you because you don’t know what hatred is at all. You make me want to love you even more my darling.

67. I wish that there are many of you out there because I really want to have them all to myself but it is not possible because you are the only one I love.

68. Success is just being happy. I am successful today because you have succeeded in making a man like me happier than anyone else can do.

69. And I try so many different things in different ways to make you happier the way you made me happy but I can’t do it because you love me more.

70. I do a lot of different things to make money but all wouldn’t have been possible if you had not blessed it with your love for me. Happy anniversary love.

71. I think God has helped me to love myself by giving you to me. I know that I have gotten the best man in the world. Happy anniversary love.

72. God has done a miraculous thing for me by selecting you carefully for me to become my husband. Indeed I am lucky to have as my husband.

73. Who am I to have God bless me with a perfect being as you? Maybe it is he loves me so much, and I love God so much too.

74. Falling in love with you was easy coos you have been on my mind to date for a very longer time until I summoned courage to do so.

75. All I have to be doing now is to love you continuously as I Stay in love with you is no matter what will happen to. Happy anniversary dearest.

76. I don’t think I can’t wait until next year for us to celebrate our togetherness again because I want to have you by my side for the rest of my life.

77. Nothing in this world could ever be as wonderful as the love you have given me. Each day I pray that I love you till the end of our lives cos you deserve it darling.

78. Your love makes my days becomes so very brighter than light itself. Life wouldn’t have been comfortable without you in my life. Happy anniversary sweetie.

79. I can’t believe that I kept loving you without regrets. What exactly have you done to me that I love you more and more with each year that passes by?

80. The truth is that I am excited to begin another year of our married life with you. Nothing would have been perfect than that in my life. Happy anniversary dearie.

2nd loving wishes for him

81. Actually Married couples are like a pair of scissors, often moving in opposite directions, yet punishing anyone who gets in between them. That’s who we are baby.

82. Your smile makes me warm. And with you do I want to remain forever because you are simply the best person one can ever be with.

83. The way you look at me makes me happy. There is this joy that I derive from the way you look at me each time. I love you so much darling.

84. The way I treasure your presence in my life is so powerful and I can assure you that your presence in my life inspires me. Happy anniversary my love.

85. The sweet innocence of your love is what I find admiring cos it makes me feel complete. There is no one like you darling.

86. Because of the love I have for you my darling, I want to say that my maturity as your husband can never be found anywhere else aside from here. Happy 2nd year anniversary.

87. I don’t think the type of our marriage can ever be compared to the type of marriages that our parents had because I married the best woman in the world.

88. Our parents must have just celebrated their wedding anniversary just once with their friends. But we are celebrating our second anniversary today.

89. The truth is that I dated a lot, but I never really had anyone who was worthy of an anniversary. I love you for becoming my wife sweetheart.

90. Most of the girlfriends I had never made it to a year before we separated but here we are together as couples for two complete years.

91. I want to announce to the man I married, I will love you till I die and I have chosen to love and be with you for a lifetime, Happy Anniversary dearest.

92. I want you to know that words are not enough to say that I love you. So I have decided that each time I want to say that I love you I will kiss you instead. Happy anniversary.

93. Your love is the strength that drives me to do everything for this family. If you are not there, I wonder what would happen to me. You are the best.

94. If not for your existence in my life what would happen to me. You are the armour that shields me from tears. I love you so much Happy Anniversary sweet heart.

95. You made my life colorful and the colours are as beautiful as you are. If you are not there for me, I know that something will go wrong in my life.

96. The truth is that you are the reason why I wake up every morning with a smile. For that, I thank you and love you more than anything else. Happy Anniversary!

97. Happy Anniversary to my dear love and very best friend. If you didn’t choose to be mine, who would have taken that position. You are the best darling.

98. I want to wish you happy 2nd year anniversary. Two years together has been a wonderful moment and I appreciate your existence in my life dearest.

99. A meaningful happiness of togetherness that is marking your love, affection, dedication, and care for me is so extraordinary.

100. May your day be filled with warm memories and bright hopes for the future. I love you so much darling because you make my life feel brand new. Happy anniversary.

2nd cute messages for her

101. You make me smile, you make me laugh, and you are the one who cheers me up. Who can ever do without these things in their lives? Thanks a lot darling.

102. When I am down you pick me up and when I frown you turn it upside down. Baby you are so amazing and I love that about you.

103. Baby, There is nothing in this life that makes me happier than loving you. I have chosen that part and I expect to relax and be loved.

104. I must confess that you are my sunshine in the morning and my starlight in the night. What else will man ask for apart from these from a woman?

105. You hold me in your arms and make my whole world seem bright. You made sure I never lacked anything. Thanks a lot darling.

106. I want to assure you that your smile makes me warm. Your presence inspires me and I am happy to have you in my life my darling. Happy anniversary my love.

107. Thinking of you with love on our anniversary and wishing you everything that brings you happiness today and always is what gives me joy.

108. It is as easy to stay in love with you as it was to fall in love with you because you made everything easy and simple for me to do darling.

109. With each year that passes, I kept fallen in love with you more and more. I don’t blame myself for that my angel.

110. I want to say happy anniversary to the one I will always want and need, even when I am too old to remember what I am supposed to want.

111. There is this man that makes me happy and the way he makes me laughs baffles me. I will love him till the end.

112. You are amazing my husband. You make me smile, and the way you talk gives me happiness and joy. You are the best darling.

113. The amazing truth is that just everything about you makes me happy and I love you for all you have done for me. Happy anniversary dearest.

114. I am overwhelmed by your beauty, and your outfits mesmerizes me all the time. I am inspired by your charisma. I love you truly darling.

115. Am just like a spellbound by your love. No wonder I am always thinking about you. Happy wedding anniversary.

116. As we grow older together, as we continue to change with age, there is one thing that will never change. I will always keep falling in love with you.

117. There are two kinds of people: those who want to go home and those who don’t. The trouble is, they are usually married to each other, as this our marriage life party start I will never want to leave you site again.

118. There is this word that is so phenomenon, behind every great man, there is always a woman behind him, and you are that key to my greatness.

119. Before I met you honey, I have never fallen in love though I would stepped in it a few times. All has been one problem to the other and I thank God for send you to my way.

120. Love means different things to different people, for us, it means it is the road of eternity, I want to move together with you to eternity.

121. Our love will never come to an end because I have you in my life and having you in my life is the most important thing I want to do.

122. The truth is that love is composed of a single soul but it comprises of two bodies. Baby, I am not ashamed to be part of you.

123. Love has its way of making sacrifices and our love is one of such love. I will sacrifice anything and everything to keep you in my life forever.

124. Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. Your happiness is important to me my lady. Happy anniversary dearest.

125. A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance, and tenacity. I celebrate your braveness to achieve these goals.

126. The order of anniversaries varies from the other in any given year and I am lucky that this one is so exceptional in a better way. Happy anniversary darling.

127. Two souls met but they have a single thought, and that thought is to grow in love with each other till the end. Happy anniversary dearest.

128. I am aware that our hearts have come together to be one and I know that our hearts beat as one and nothing can change that fact.

129. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to love, cherish, trust, smile with, be happy with and even annoy for the rest of your life.

130. I wouldn’t change a thing if you had not come in to my life to make me happy. You are really my soulmate and I admire that a lot.

131. A marriage made by fate is what is between us, who can change what God himself has destined to be together? Nobody. You are the only one meant for me.

132. You must know that chains do not hold a marriage together, no matter how strong a chain can ever be, it cannot except for our love. I love you darling.

133. The threads that tie us together is so much that nothing can cut it. You are my amazing goddess and I love you so much. Happy anniversary dear.

134. The secret of a happy marriage has always remained a secret, I wouldn’t want to share ours with other couples because I don’t want to ever share you with another person.

135. Everything has secrets guiding it and the secret to having a good marriage is to understand that marriage must be total. I understand that baby.

136. Our relationship must be the best and it must be something admiring, it must be permanent and it must be equal. Happy anniversary darling.

137. I knew that I was in love when I could no longer fall asleep. I am glad that I was not wasting time to love a different person other than you.

138. I don’t want to have dreams again because the reality is finally better than my dreams. I am really in love with you in reality than in my dreams.

139. All I want to keep doing is to love you I n the morning, afternoon and night. Because I know that if I love you so much, I would have no regrets.

140. They say love is blind but it is not true my darling, Love is not blind, it sees more and not less, because I used my eye to see you before I approached you.

141. If love was blind, I wouldn’t have known how attractive you are before I approached you to be my wife. Happy anniversary my lady.

142. Love has no boundaries, it goes to any length to seek for its partner. I seeked for you and I found you where I perceived that I would.

143. Love is one long sweet dream that I don’t want to ever wake up from cos I enjoy having and seeing you in my dreams. Happy anniversary my husband.

144. Our marriage is the key to our lives together and our anniversaries remain our alarm clock which will always remind us our vows at the altar.

145. My darling, a successful marriage requires falling in love many times and always with the same person. I am glad that I kept falling for you.

146. The fact that I am deeply loved by someone like you gives me strength to keep loving you with courage. I love you so much and that is not about to change.

147. Love is not weakness. It is strong and that is why I have been able to be strong for you and in love with you for a longer time now. Happy anniversary love.

148. Only the sacrament of marriage can bind us together if there is no love and truly, you have loved me even before we got married my darling.

149. If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever because I think about you virtually every day of my life.

150. There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship like ours. All over the world baby, we are the best couple in history.

151. The oneness and communion of our relationship surprises me and I am so happy that I ended up with in a perfect and good marriage.

152. To love another person is what I cannot do and even if I can do it, I wouldn’t dare do it because you are absolutely the best man in my life.

153. Men always want to be a woman’s first love. Baby I definitely didn’t date you the first but you are actually my first love. Happy anniversary my king.

154. I truly want you to keep loving me till the end. The way you roman and keep me loved is so extraordinary. I love you so much my boo.

155. A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance, and tenacity. The order varies for any given year. – Paul Sweeney

156. Before I fall, you are always there to catch me dream, you always reach for my hands to hold me back even if you are not there.

157. I knew that you are already halfway in love with me ever since I started listening to you. I know the secret now baby so I will keep listening to you.

158. I woke this morning, looked around and I saw you lying next to me and I say that, you are one special person and very wonderful to have considered marrying me.

159. I want us to celebrate this anniversary with wine and sweet words because I have been waiting for this anniversary to come our way for a long time now.

160. Two people who belong together make a world. We have come together to make a world that is full of peace, love and happiness. Happy anniversary my lord.

161. Nothing in this world could ever be as wonderful as the love you have given me. Your love makes my days so very bright. Happy anniversary dear.

162. Just knowing that you are my darling wife makes me so happy and so excited. I love the reason why you became my wife. Happy Anniversary.

163. You know that I love you more and more each year that passes and I am excited to begin another year of our married life together. Please stay with me forever. Happy anniversary.

164. Do you know that I am so lucky to have you as my husband and this is the best day in my life? You are the best and happy anniversary to you my dear.

165. Happy Anniversary to the one I will always want, even when I am not ready to talk to anyone. You are my best love.

166. You are truly a blessing from God. Thank you for being my partner, spouse, lover, and friend. Happy Anniversary to the king of my heart.

167. After Scientists discovered that the longer people stay married, the more they begin to look alike. I really want to look like you for the rest of my life.

168. After 2 years of our marriage, I want to start tagging you to be the mother of my kids because I am ready to have kids now.

169. I love you, I love your body, I love your perfume, I love your smile, and I love your underwear and everything that concerns you. Happy Anniversary.

170. Happy anniversary to us darling husband. I wish that you have a bright and happy day. Our marriage will set an example for others to emulate.

171. Our relationship has been bright even before we got married and I can assure you that it will shine in every way that needs to witness its brightness.

172. I was lonely and confused before you came in to my life. You guided me and made me happy. Ever since I have become so fun of you. Happy anniversary dearest.

173. You had turned my life to a poem and its rhythm makes my heart to rejoice ever and ever. You are so amazing. Happy Anniversary to you.

174. Your smile makes me warm. Your look makes me happy. Your presence inspires me. Everything about you makes me complete. I love you too much. Happy Anniversary my love.

175. If loving you is all I have to do to make myself happier then I will continue to do it because I want to remain happy forever.

176. I am wishing us another great year together. I know that together we will move the world to another heights. You are too sweet my darling.

177. It is so amazing and magical that our anniversary time of the year is here again. Baby, you are the best cos you stood by me for 2 years now.

178. It’s just our anniversary but it seem to be Christmas or Salah because a lot of people are celebrating us and our victory together. I love you so much.

179. Even if our Love is like war, I will fight it till the end cos I never want to loose you. You the reason for my existence. I love you so much.

180. The way we started was very easy to begin but hard to end, I can’t imagine myself loosing a precious gift like you. Happy anniversary dear.

181. We had quarrels, we made sweet love, we fell in love perfectly but we are still together because you made it possible. Happy anniversary dear.

182. Being married is like being on a battlefield. You have to always prepare yourself for the war. We are passing through it because you are playing your part rightly. Happy Anniversary.

183. Today I say congratulations on another anniversary that proves that we are blessed with each other. Happy anniversary dearest.

184. Congratulations the king of my heart. Cheers to another year of victory, love, peace, prosperity, joy and happiness. Happy anniversary.

185. Thanks for being my partner of role model of marriage. You made it possible by cooperating with me. Happy anniversary my lady.

186. I want you to know that you don’t need make up to be looking beautiful because you are gorgeous.

187. I don’t expect that at this point there is much of you left as individuals because I have seen everything about you within 2 years. Happy anniversary.

188. The world has grown suspicious of anything that looks like a happily married life because they rarely see it. I am happy that we are happily married.

189. Today we celebrate your most difficult accomplishment, staying married to me for two years is a wonderful task to be carried out by just the two of us.

190. I hope that by the time our kids will grow up, they will learn from us and take after us cos our love is so strong to push any problem away.

191. Happy anniversary is not a silent way to celebrate, it is rather a time to celebrate with shouts of joy and gladness. I celebrate us my darling.

192. I celebrate my husband today for loving me for 2 complete years without stopping. Thanks for everything you have done for me my darling. I love you so much

193. Only when you live me for another person that I will know that I am stupid. I can’t be stupid enough to allow you slip off my hand. I love you.

194. I will not allow you go away from me even if the road we used is slippery. I would hold you tight and stronger cos I don’t want to ever loose you.

195. The stars and planets don’t have your type of beauty and that is what I admire about you. Your inner beauty is so attractive. You are sweeter darling.

196. The wealth I have gotten was not by my power and God wouldn’t have given me if you were not in my life. If you live me baby, my wealth will live me too.

197. Do you know what you have done for me in my life? You have made me to be happy and excited. You are the best thing that has happened to me.

198. You have not only married me and made me your wife, you have also vowed to love and cherish me till the end. You are the sweetest husband ever.

199. I would not do anything wrong to you cos within these 2 years, you have succeeded to be careful of things you do so that you will not offend me. Happy anniversary dear husband.

200. We are just two but we are married for two years now and I am sure that we want to have just two kids cos we don’t want too much problems.




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