10th wedding anniversary quotes for husband and wife.

10th wedding anniversary quotes for husband and wife.

Only few people who are married can reach this stage of marriage. These people are patient, forgiving, enduring, tolerant, respectful, obedient, selfless, loving, caring and many good qualities that keep couples together.

If you have reached this stage and you have not thanked your partner then you are forgetting something behind.

Use these messages to capture the heart of your partner forever.

10th Wedding Anniversary Quotes For Husband And Wife
10th Wedding Anniversary Quotes For Husband And Wife

1. Every 10th day, month or year in one’s life is very important and significant. I admire you in my life as my wife. Happy 10th anniversary my lady.

2. Can you imagine that we have reached 5 years of our relationship today and we are still together today? I love being your wife.

3. I want you to understand that you have been the only woman in my life that has changed my entire being and nature. Thanks for that.

4. You will never live me even if you want to because you love me so much. I love you too and I will never live you.

5. I have not encountered too much problems ever since we met and I am so lucky to have you in my life. Happy anniversary dear.

6. What a miracle you are, you have made my life a comfortable place to be and I am so lucky to be have a miracle in my life.

7. I will never show you that you are not the person I want in my life because I always want to be with you in my life forever.

8. If I am to show preference, I would prefer to be with you for the rest of my life. You are the sweetest person in my life.

9. If you are a game of politics, I would play you well so that I can win you to my side forever. I might even bribe my way in to get you.

10. It is either I get you or I kill anyone who is holding you captive. I want you to be for me forever and ever. I love you.

11. I have my point to raise if anyone wants to take you away from me. I want you to remain my husband for the rest of my life.

12. You are not an option for me as my husband and I will never choose another person aside from you even if you were an option.

13. People have made you so dirty but I didn’t see you as dirty because you are as clean as a white cloth and I love you that way.

14. I might be corrupt but I am glad that I got a less corrupt husband like you. I am indeed lucky to have you in my life.

15. I am the number lucky dude for getting a woman like you in my life and I will never stop loving you no matter what.

16. I have not showed you how much you mean to me because if I possibly show you then you might begin to feel that I am already going mad.

17. If I have a safer way to show you how much I love you and if I do it, I would never be able to live without you. Am sure you would love that.

18. I am safer and happy with you in my life and there is no amount of pressure that will push me away from you. I love you.

19. Even if there is danger attached to having you in my life, I would rather continue to follow that dangerous road because I love you so much.

20. May your coming in to my life and staying for ten years never be in vain. May God reward your efforts in this family.

Awesome 10th anniversary quotes for him and her.

21. I have never seen a great woman of my time like you. So many women have left their husband’s home but you are still here with me because you care about me a lot.

22. No matter how hard I try to live you, I still find reason to stay with you. You are such an amazing father to our kids.

23. 10 years of marriage is not a small child’s play… I have reached this stage because you made me your husband 10 years ago.

24. I will not allow anyone to take you away from me because I am better of with you than with anyone else. I love you.

25. I will not live you ever if you don’t have money again. You are the most amazing man of my life. Happy 10th year anniversary my dear.

26. I have not been able to tell you this ‘you are such an amazing woman’ and I really mean it. Happy anniversary my dear.

27. Even if death comes knocking at my door, I will not look at it because you have been the reason why live every day.

28. 10 years in a certain marriage is a wonderful gift God has given you. If you pass through it then you are lucky. Thank God we are lucky too.

29. Money or wealth can never buy you from me because I truly love you so much. I love you that nothing can change it.

30. Even though we are 10 years old in this marriage, you have not grown older, you are still looking young as I married you.

31. Even though you have been bearing children for me, you didn’t change the way you kept attracting me. It is still the same.

32. If by 10 years of our marriage, you have not changed to be a bad partner, then it means that you will never change at all.

33. The fact that we are married for ten years doesn’t mean that I am living you for something else. I love you till the end.

34. 10 years in marriage is really not a joking matter. I will never stop loving you and that is a promise. Happy anniversary dearest.

35. I have not thanked God for allowing me to see today with you because I really don’t know where to start from. I love you.

36. Having you in my life as my husband for ten years has been the best thing that has happened to my life. Happy anniversary dear.

37. You will not allow me to announce to the world that I have married the best woman on earth else I would have done it already.

38. I wish that we will get to more of our years together cos I enjoyed every bit of the year we spent together. Happy anniversary to my husband.

39. The more we move in to new age of our relationship, the more we fall in love with each other and I thank God for your gift.

40. I lack control to tell you that you are amazing cos I really stopped believing that couples last longer together. Happy anniversary.

Amazing 10th wedding anniversary quotes for husband and wife.

41. I have never celebrated such year with anyone whom I have gone together with in the journey except you. Thanks so much my darling.

42. I don’t think that they would be ever a day that I would live you cos I have stayed for ten years already without having problems with you.

43. What more do I need from another person when I have gotten a woman that is so amazing and wonderful. I love you too much.

44. I cannot even think about cheating on you because we have grown this old together and we are the best couple in the world.

45. Do you notice that we are the only couple still together after 10 years of marriage around here? Baby you are so amazing.

46. Thank you so much for not allowing me to be put to shame. You have such a wonderful way of keeping me in your house and I love that.

47. You have been made for me and it is because you accepted to be mine that we could stay together for 10 years now.

48. If I always need to recharge you to become the woman of my life, then I would recharge you hourly because I need you by my side for the rest of my life.

49. How you have loved me and chosen me to be by your side till today is the secret I really want to find out from you my darling.

50. You chose me among others, loved and cared about me and then stayed with me for complete 10 years. You are the sweetest being ever.

51. The moment I saw you, I knew that you are the one meant for me. See how we have spent 10 years together. Happy anniversary dear.

52. You saw me, picked me and washed me as dirty as I am and now we are 10 years together. Happy anniversary dear.

53. You never knew me before but you took the risk to love me and care about me forever. Happy 10th year anniversary darling.

54. You have not told me why you chose me to become your wife yet. I am so happy that I met you 10 years ago. Happy anniversary.

55. I don’t really know why I chose you to be my husband but I know why I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

56. I was not joking when I vowed to be with you for the rest of my life. 10 years of marriage is still a small thing compared to what I want to spend with you.

57. The period of time I have spent with you is not enough to show you that I am really in for this forever. Happy anniversary dearest.

58. If you were a book and I needed to read you, I would read you continuously so that I will know what I should do to keep you forever.

59. I have screened you and made you my wife and I want to spend the rest of my life with you because you are so amazing.

60. You know that all I want to do today is to love you and thank you for loving me till this moment. You are the best gift I have ever received.

61. The wall of my life is occupied with you alone and I want you to know that you still need to occupy every part of it.

62. Baby, I want you to take charge and dominion over my life because I know that you are the one God has assigned to love me.

63. There is something I want you to know about me, I will never choose someone else when you are there for me always. I love you.

64. Get ready and prepared cos I am ready to take a ride with you to another 10 years of our marriage. Happy anniversary love.

65. May our togetherness for ten years now be the reason for our stay forever together and in peace. I love you so much.

66. The road to our marriage was tough and rough yet you stood by me and still made it with me to another year of our lives.

67. Even though I was a little bit stubborn, you never allowed it to stop you from moving along with me to the end. I love you.

68. The way you handled me till today is something that another man cannot do and I am so proud to have you in my life.

69. I am so proud of myself because I married the most amazing creature as my husband and he still loves me so much.

70. The reason why I have not run mad is because I still have you as my wife. You are a darling and I love you so much.

Wonderful wishes for husband wife.

71. You have been careful, loving, caring and adoring. Your love for me is so extraordinary and I am so grateful to have you in my life.

72. I have not really told the real happiness running through my heart now because you would not be able to take it like that.

73. I have everything that you want and you have all that I want as well and I want you to be there for me forever and ever.

74. Looking at you has been the only thing I want to do forever. You are the most amazing creature I have ever met. I love you so much.

75. You are not about to live me because I made you fall for me till this moment. You are the best partner I have ever gotten.

76. Even if I threw your bags out of my house, I know that you will never live me. You are so amazing my darling. Happy anniversary dear.

77. It is only you who can ever make me love you forever and I know that you can do for me continuously. I love you.

78. The moment I saw you, I knew that I have met the right woman of my dreams. Happy anniversary to my baby.

79. Do have the greatest day ahead because you are celebrating the best day of my life. You are so amazing and I love you.

80. I met you exactly 10 years ago and now I am so happy that we are still together. You are the best man in my life. Happy anniversary my lord.

81. Hey darling, I am up now this early morning to say that I love you so much more now that is our 10th anniversary my lord. You are the best.

82. Ever since we oy married, all I have enjoyed from you is honey where as I was only looking for just sugar. How loving you are.

83. You have given me reason to say that I am comfortable with you in my life as my husband. You are so amazing my heart beat.

84. Heavens are aware of how much you mean to me and that is how people are aware too of my love for you. Happy anniversary dear.

85. You have protected and shielded me like a god and I have no reason to fear again because you are part of my life already.

86. Come to think of it, you are not the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with but you came and you are better than the person.

87. I expected just to be loved by my husband but today, I am loved and cared for by you. I am so grateful for these gifts.

88. I don’t think that I deserve you anyway but yet you didn’t desert me, you came to me and made sure that I never lacked a husband.

89. You provided for me and made sure that I lacked nothing. Who could do such a favor for me apart from you? Thanks dear.

90. I don’t mind running around for you because you have put my enemies to shame and made sure that I have a space in this world.

91. I was insulted and abused by different men but you came and cleaned that up and changed my story. Thanks a lot.

92. You have done so many amazing things for me that no one has ever done and today I can stand firm in the society.

93. The way love has turned my life around and changed my whole story is too much that I cannot explain. You are such a wonderful gift.

94. You are all I ever wanted and I cannot otherwise other than to have you all to myself forever. Happy 10th year anniversary.

95. Possibly, I could marry you again if you permit me to because I still haven’t seen a man like you there in the streets. You are the best.

96. You are the best in this city and beyond because God made you perfectly for me. Happy 10th year anniversary to my sweet hubby.

97. What I cannot say is that I have not been able to be happier because I have actually been happier ever since we got married.

98. Our tenth year will never be a year of sorrow and pain. We shall continue to be happier all the days of our lives. I love you.

99. All I can say today is that I have not been able to tell the world why you love me too much. Happy anniversary dear.

100. I don’t even understand why you are so much in love with me darling. I am so indebted to you for loving me this much.

101. Happy anniversary is all I can say to you because today is one of the special days of our lives. I love you a lot my darling.

Sweet 10th anniversary messages for him and her.

102. A lot of good things happened to me while we got married. I got a bigger job and better houses because I married the right woman.

103. Marrying the right person matters a lot and I am so lucky that I married the right woman as my wife. Happy anniversary dearest.

104. I can gladly beat my chest and tell the whole world that I am married to the most amazing woman of my life. Happy anniversary.

105. To me, anniversaries are more than other celebrations. Today is our tenth year anniversary. Thank God.

106. Thank God that we are alive to witness the tenth year anniversary of our marriage. What happiness that fills my heart.

107. As the cock crows this early morning, I pray that our lives would be a perfect example for others to emulate.

108. I have not told you everything about how I feel about you darling. I am greatly in love with you and nothing can change that.

109. The fact is that love is my anniversary gift to you this beautiful morning. How I love to be your wife all the days of my life.

110. You have chosen me to be a perfect person for you and you never wanted me to have any problem as your wife.

111. You may not know what you have done for me but I want you to know that I am really grateful for making me your wife.

112. Heavens is aware that you are the brain behind my success in life. Thanks for accepting to be my humble wife.

113. God will never forget you for staying with me till this day. You are so enduring and kind. Happy anniversary dearest.

114. I want to tell you that you are appreciated for all you have been doing for me throughout these years.

115. Even though you are always busy with work, I don’t mind because you always put food on our table. Happy anniversary love.

116. I hope that you get this message. Even though you are not here my darling. We so much love the father of this home.

117. If you get this message and you are reading it right now then you should be aware that you are the best thing that has happened to me.

118. You are the best thing that has happened to myself and the children and thanks a lot. Happy anniversary my darling.

119. I think that the purpose why God created you was because He wanted you to bless me. You have done your job well.

120. You never diverted from your duties. You have never stopped to honor me with your encouragement and advises. I love you.

121. Thanks so much for performing your duty in this marriage. What would have happened if you had not come in to my life ten years ago?

122. Ten years ago we got married and now we have kids and we are still happily married. Happy anniversary my king.

123. I am so happy that I found in you. Whoever was making me angry now makes me happier because of you.

124. You are a blessing who has done everything possible to keep me happy for the rest of my life. Happy anniversary dear.

125. One day, I will run to God and tell him to make sure that I marry you even in my next world. Happy anniversary dear.

126. I want to beg you today to grant all my heart desires for me because today is our anniversary. I love you.

127. Even if it means forgetting my heart desires, I want God to grant yours for you cos you are so special to me. Happy anniversary dear.

128. You don’t know how you have been making me feel about you, you are better than ten thousand husbands joined together.

129. You have succeeded in making me feel that you are my messiah cos you got married to me and changed my whole story.

130. I must confess that you are actually my savior who has married me and stayed with me for ten years today. Thanks so much.

131. I have checked all round and I have noticed that you are a wonderful husband and that there is no one better than you.

132. I want to appreciate your love, kindness, support, and generosity towards me. You are the best husband ever. I love you so much.

133. You are more than a friend to me, you are my teacher, a great boss and mentor. Happy tenth year anniversary dear.

134. Thank you for helping me out when I needed it. How happy I am to be married to you my wifey. I love you so much.

135. I really appreciate your kindness and support. Not every man is a good husband like you. Happy anniversary to you my lord.

136. Thanks for being there for me when I really needed you. Husbands are rare but I found you and I am happier today.

137. If not for you, I would have been put to shame. No one would have married me today. Ten years’ experience with you is the best.

138. I really appreciate you so much for the way you handled this relationship between us. Marrying you is the best thing I have done for myself.

139. I believe that becoming your wife is the best thing I have done for this family. I am entirely grateful for your love for me.

140. I just wanted to write this message so that I can inform you that you have been an amazing wife to me and an amazing mother to the kids.

141. Who would have been better than you my darling? I appreciate the positive influence you have had in my life. Happy anniversary dear.

142. Thank you so much for making my life a better place to live in. ten years with you is better than spending it elsewhere.

143. You have added meaning to my life and made me a better person. Happy anniversary my dear husband.

144. I will forever be grateful to you for loving and caring about me so much. Happy anniversary to the queen of my heart.

145. You inspired me during a difficult time and today we have spent ten years together even without realizing it. Happy anniversary dear.

146. When I needed words of encouragement, you provided it for me. You are like a father in a husband. Happy anniversary to you.

147. What exactly can I do without you in my life? You are not the fake of you. Happy anniversary to you my heartbeat.

148. Thanks for being my husband for ten years now. Happy anniversary dearest. You are of great help to me.

149. You don’t even know how much your help meant to me. Your help is a life regainer, a life saver. Happy anniversary to you dear.

150. My enemies would have laughed at me if you had not come to marry me. Thank you so much for coming into my life.

151. Words cannot express how grateful I am for becoming my wife but I am so happy that we made it to this year.

152. If words can express how much I appreciate your help towards me then thank you so much for making me your wife.

153. Marrying you is what I know is the best and that was why I got married to you. I know that I didn’t make any mistake.

154. Marriage can be filled with ups and downs but ours was perfect even it in. I married the right partner. Happy anniversary dear.

155. Who else can take all the shits and troubles I give except you? You are so amazing my darling and I love you so much.

156. One more reason I married you in to my home is because I want to build a perfect home. Thank God that I achieved i.

157. The original fact that I became your wife is that, I saw you ten years ago and fell in love with you. Aren’t I lucky to have you?

158. Surely, I know that I will be standing right next to you in thanksgiving for this wonderful year added to our marriage. Happy anniversary dear.

159. If girls and women are lined up for me to choose, I will still choose you because you are all I need in my life to be happy.

160. Marriage has showed me that it has other side and today I am happier that I could overcome all the challenges of marriage and stay happy.

161. I have grown to be in love with you and I am so lucky that I have the most amazing man on earth. Happy anniversary dear.

162. I pray on this day that our love will grow stronger and patient with one another so that we can be all happy at the end.

163. May our family be a role model to many families out there. May this year of our marriage make us more popular.

164. I pray for my husband today that he finds joy and happiness that will keep him stronger forever. Happy anniversary dear.

165. Many things that you have done for me that I cannot thank you enough for. Happy anniversary my king.

166. Do you know that you are the best thing that has happened to me ever since we got married? Happy anniversary dearest.

167. Even if you had no money, I would still be here with you because I promised you in good times and in bad times too.

168. Fate has brought us together and now I have nothing to say to you but thank you for allowing yourself in to my life.

169. You brought in happiness and peace of mind and my home now is happy to have you as the wife and mother of the home.

170. Even our children have been praising you the other day that they have the sweetest mother in the whole world and I support them too.

171. If not because you cannot give birth to me, I would have be love to have you as my mother. Happy anniversary dear.

172. We accepted to be with each other and today we have reached where many have not reached before. I love you so much.

173. Having you in my life as my bride has been the joy that fills my heart. Happy anniversary to the most important being of my life.

174. You would have seen what you have done for me and then you will realize that you are indeed the best partner in the world.

175. Having you in my life is one of the best thing I have ever done for myself as a human. Happy anniversary love.

176. You were there for me when I needed you the most, how can I turn my back on you today. Happy anniversary dear.

177. You never rejected my offer when I came to marry you, what can I ever do without you? Thanks a lot and happy anniversary dear.

178. Thank you for everything that you have done to help me, accepting to be my wife ten years ago is the best thing you have done for me.

179. Not even my father can do what you have done for me. Thank you so much and happy anniversary to the most amazing man on earth.

180. I hope that you get this message at the right time, cos I really want you to know that I appreciate being your wife till today.

181. I want you to know how much you have contributed to my life. Where would I be if not for you? Thanks so much and happy anniversary to you

182. Marriage entails a lot, you made me see the better sides of marriage instead of the bad sides. You are amazing dear.

183. I remember how you use to kiss me and caress me when we newly got married. You have not changed even though we are not newly wedded couple.

184. I don’t think that newly wedded couples can be like us because even at ten years today, we are still bouncing along.

185. Together we started, and together we will finish this journey we started ten years ago. Happy anniversary dear.

186. Nothing bad shall happen to us since we have become so strong in love with other now. Happy anniversary to you dear.

187. Even if I had the opportunity to be loved by another man, I wouldn’t run to him when I have the better man here with me.

188. Men have been trying to get me to themselves but I refused because they only saw me when you had cleaned me up. You are amazing.

189. I know that so many men out there want to be like you but they can’t because I fell in love with you and not them.

190. I don’t think that there is someone out there that can ever take me away from you. Happy anniversary to us dear.

191. I don’t want you to ever feel as if someone can take me away from you because they cannot, they can only try to. Happy anniversary.

192. You know that I would have not reached this stage if you had not made it possible for me at all. You are amazing dear.

193. Today, I celebrate us as the best couple of the year because we got married and are still together for ten years now.

194. You know that all these things wouldn’t have been possible if you had not accepted to be my wife. Happy anniversary to you dear.

195. How we made it to this extent is what I can’t explain. You are really the bst partner one could ever have. Happy anniversary.

196. How won’t it work when I married the best man on earth? I am so happy that I married you my darling. Happy anniversary.

197. I want to wish us a happy 10th year anniversary. We have been so strong to have stayed this long together.

198. I want to say kudos to us for staying together in love and in harmony. Happy anniversary to us my darling.

199. I had always asked for peace, joy, fulfillment, happiness and prosperity and I got them only because you became my wife. Happy anniversary dear.

200. I want to re marry you because I got all I needed when I married you. Marrying you again would bring all I need to me again. Marry me again my lady. Happy anniversary to us.




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